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Metro Update- Doner Acquired!

Not much work has gone on since the last update, apart from stripping out some internal wood panelling and insulation. Also, measuring up the instrument panel to fit a Digital Dash unit as the original is probably past economical repair.


The whole casing is cast aluminium, so easy to restore the finish.

Everything else has been held up as we didn’t have the engine and gearbox to test fit. Part of the work is dropping the floor inside the chassis rails so obviously this needs to clear the driveline.

I’d been trawling Ebay and Gumtree for doners, all either sold, expensive or the other end of the country and not road legal so needing a trailer. Then this beauty popped up at a proper old school breakers about 20 miles away. For some reason no one else bid, so this pile piece of sheer automotive brilliance was ours for £350.

The good side

It’s a 1992 Eunos 1.6 Roadster, imported in to the UK in 2003. After 9 years on our roads with a fairly clean history and only racking up 60,000 miles, for some reason it was laid up in a hedge for reasons unknown. I’m sure it’s fine.

I can smell the mustiness from here.

That weird shaped thing in the pace of a proper gearstick is why finding a car was hard. The UK cars were manual only, so it was a case of finding one of the few auto imports. As a bonus these have few electrical gubbins to cause transplant issues- no security system or ABS.

See, I told you that was the good side.

I’m guessing it’s held together mostly by the paint. We’re picking it up next week and will get it stripped fairly quickly to stop the place looking even more like a Japanese scrapyard.

Might have a race around some fields first though...

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