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MetroD OPPO-MEET Is Coming Soon

 Thanks to for MIchigan for the logo!
Thanks to for MIchigan for the logo!

Joins us in Northville this Saturday, May 6th!

Time will be 12-4pm, but feel free to come and go as you please. As a reminder, we will be meeting at the Recreation Area location embedded below:


(Trouble viewing map? Click here. Rec Area is on Hines Drive, just south of 7 Mile.)

We’ve got a pavilion set aside with restrooms nearby, and we’ll have refreshments and our own little Concours d’Oppos. Nothing real fancy, just an afternoon of hanging out and meeting your fellow Oppos face-to-face.


As you can see below, all the main cookout supplies have been claimed. If you plan on eating and would still like to contribute, feel free to bring any random snack or side dish.

Charcoal (Egoods)

Lighter fluid + lighter/matches (Egoods)

Grille tools (Egoods)

Hotdogs (Urambo Tauro)

Hotdog buns (Urambo Tauro)

Hamburgers (MontegoMan)

Hamburger buns (vondon302)

Condiments (vondon302)

Paper plates/napkins (Cletus44/GenuineAlexReid)

Drinks (IdiotInTheGarage)

You are also welcome to bring yard games if you so wish. Please don’t forget to support MontegoMan for fronting the cash to secure a pavilion for us.


A few quick ground rules: as mentioned in the previous post, alcoholic drinks are ok to bring, but no kegs, and of course please drink responsibly. Standard Oppositelock rules of excellence also apply. (Obviously, no burnouts, etc.)

Hope to see you there!

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