MetroD OPPO-MEET Location Confirmed!

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Hines it is!

To avoid the road closure at the SE end of Hines Dr, we’ve reserved a pavilion at the other end, in Northville. Here’s a map of the location:


The date is Saturday, May 6th. Time will be mid-day, say 12-4pm. Feel free to come and go as you please, but I’d encourage you to stick around for a little Concours d’Oppos.

MontegoMan562 already paid the $75 for the shelter because of his Wayne County Resident discount, so it would be great if everyone coming could chip in a bit to that cost. If we get 15 people there, it splits even at 5 bucks a person.


We’re also asking that each member who wants to eat, please contribute to the potluck. Of course, we don’t want to end up with 10 bags of chips and nothing to wash it down with, so please pick from the following list and stake your claim in the comments below (don’t forget to check the comments to see what others are bringing):

Charcoal (Egoods)

Lighter fluid + lighter/matches (Egoods)

Grille tools (Egoods)


Hamburgers (MontegoMan)

Hotdog buns

Hamburger buns (vondon302)

Condiments (vondon302)

Paper plates/napkins (Cletus44/GenuineAlexReid)

Drinks (IdiotInTheGarage)

Once the above items are spoken for, you can still contribute with any kind of snack or side dish. (Yes, you may volunteer for more than one item.)


Note: there is no on-site power, so we won’t be able to plug in any crock-pots or the like. Also, alcohol Policy: It’s a Wayne County Park so they control the rules. Beer is allowed in bottle or can form (no kegs). We’d like to keep it a family friendly event in case anyone wants to bring family along with them. So if you’re going to drink, drink responsibly. Also remember you have to be able to drive out of said park safely (lots of Wayne Country Sheriff’s on Hines Drive) so you’re welcome to bring beer, but let’s be sure to keep things under control.

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