Had a nice chat with John, the new owner of this classic at a car show in Morgantown, Indiana. Originally a Nash body on an Austin chassis with an “N” emblem on the front for Nash, by the time this one was built it was an AMC with an “M”.

Per John when it was sold it had a functional heater and a radio, but the Beatle which has neither outsold it 5:1. Among the more unusual features are reversible doors (the mechanicals are installed differently, but the panel could go on either side to cut down on costs) and a gutter that goes all the way around the front (he says it holds water very effectively, and unfortunately in Indiana there aren’t many hills to park on).


He bought it mainly to surprise his son who has adored the Metropolitan for years. When his son came to visit from Virginia he parked it at the grocery store and persuaded him to drive him there to play tricks on him. Walked up as if admiring it and then got in and started it.

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