Given how hard it was for Ed to break the record because of the police, well... why not try it in a country where the police give literally two shits about speed?

3,640 miles give or take. Sixteen states. if you could average the same 107mph as the record holder, it would take you thirty four hours. Very long indeed.

Maybe a fairer race would be just to Tijuana, but it’s a lot shorter.

It only crosses one state less, and it would take 25 hours if they average the holy grail of 107.


The thing is... what car would be able to survive such hardship? Mexican highways aren’t that bad, but if you’re going to drive above 80mph, they become a lot harsher on the car.

I think the obvious choice for this is the RAM 1500... Bear with me...


The biggest issue Ed and the crew faced that would be replicated here would be stopping for fuel. Well, with that big-ass bed in the RAM, you could have all the fuel you wanted!

The air suspension would self level the truck, the ample cabin would be great to fit the radios, fuel and GPS equipment, and the ride is comfortable enough not to over-stress the would be drivers. Yes, the RAM’s top speed is limited, probably to 120mph... But I know this much: When I got on the highway to San Luis Potosi, the people overtaking me the most were trucks. Because the pavement is so loud and uneven, you don’t want to go faster. But a truck with a soft suspension and a taller body wouldn’t have that issue.

Plus, the RAM doesn’t stand out as much as a Mercedes CL would, so the police wouldn’t really bother looking at you twice.


The biggest opportunity is here; the Arco Norte private roadway. Since it’s a private roadway, you can pretty much give two shits about the speed:

The biggest issue is that both ends of the trip you face very challenging roads; firstly the Tijuana to Mexicali road, nicknamed La Rumorosa, is a complicated mountain pass and the main road between Mexicali and Tijuana; so traffic is ensured.


The other problematic road is the segment between Cordoba and Puebla City. This is also a complicated mountain pass, but probably experiences less traffic.


The issue with these passes is that by the time they’re reached, members would be either fatigued or just beginning... which really fucks with the safety of crossing the roads.

But I think it’s doable... by someone crazier than me, but doable.