2009 Volkswagen Crossfox Victorinox Edition

The Volkswagen Crossfox is in one of the fastest growing segments in south america. the small SUV, or "My First" SUV that consists of using a hatchback platform, put it on high heels, add black cladding, raise price, and convince people about its non-existent toughness.

This is based on the 1st generation Fox, which never went to the U.S. but did go in Europe. It was criticised there for its cheap materials and non-VW like build quality since it was made in Brazil. This though felt cheap because it was cheap. Brand new it would cost you around $16K which isn't a bad price por a tall car that will keep you carefree of speed bumps, holes, and other animals you absolutely will encounter in the roads around here.


The idea sold, and this together with its rivals like the Ford Eco-sport and Dacia Duster came to their creation and astounding popularity. The VW one is the least different looking from its underpinnings. It just is a Fox that has been raised, fitted a rear wheel, cladding, decals, and a front number guard. But this is not like very Crossfox. This is the Victorinox edition, which would come in red or black offering special badging, special leather seat upholstery, and the specialness of it all.

It is powered by one of the most reliable modern VW engines. 1.6 litres 105 HP and 110 Torques sent through an only option 5 speed manual. It is a robust power plant that takes this car to other places you wouldn't otherwise in a common hatchback. It doesn't offer 4WD, but the idea of its raised height, and different suspension components gives you confidence of being able to bash the thing without worrying. I for one Love this idea.


Price for this cool Urban run about with some outdoors boots and its vital swiss knife. $115,000 pesos- $8,815 Dollars. And the mileage of 52000 km. - 32,311 m. Which means this My First Explorer kit is barely broken in and ready for adventure.