2012 Honda City EX Manual

The Fit Sedan that weirdly never got to go to the U.S. Thinking about it, I don't really know why this didn't went to the trunk loving nation that is the northern border but we got it here. This is the 5th generation of the Honda City, which is the only one that came to Mexico, although this car is the face lifted version that debuted in 2011.

For the Refresh they added new design to the lights, better nicer rims, fog lamps, and a new Eco driving indicator. Because in this day and age, even little kids ride on pin Escalades with "BEACH PARTOL" stickers have it as well.


This is essentially a more serious Fit. A Fit where you don't seem like a teenager, and you are taking things more seriously. It is what we see as growing up, and this is mostly apparent in the cool choices for the City which include: Black, White, Silver, Grey, and a dark Burgundy. What does it think it is? German??

Powering this symbol of maturity is the same 1.5 Litre 118 hp. 16v engine. Oh yes, it has V-Tec. And to make the V-Tec sing you have the availability of a 5 speed manual in every version. Thank you Mexico. Oh, theres also a 5 speed auto, if you really consider yourself an adult. In the inside There is a much less interesting dash than the Fit, with only slabs of hard plastic, and cheap looking bright orange lighting. It does have ipod compatibility, and airbags, and leather wheel, but it just isn't very nice to be in.


Price of the most gown up of the Fits. $177,000 Pesos- $13,600 Dollars, and this example has just 22,000 km. or 13,670 m. But remember, you have to be very levelheaded to choose this sensible choice.