2012 Nissan X-Trail 4WD

The Nissan X-Trail is the Real off roading machine of the Nissan Range. It is the smaller sister of the Pathfinder if you will (This meaning the las generation Pathfinder, not the current Lipstick wearing, chihuahua dog carrying, pilates worshiper Pathfinder.). This is the same size as the Rouge, but it actually is Rogue.

What you see here is the second generation of the X-Trail, which I like a lot for its go anywhere attitude and inexpensive price. This is its second generation which, I am happy to say, changed the center mounted dashboard. Message to all car makers, a center mounted dashboard is the single stupidest thing Ive ever seen. Your passenger does not care about the oil temperature.


This generation received a refresh in 2011 with the usual LEDs, improved audio system, better wheels, and design touches. What makes this trucklet unique is the lights o the roof rack, and the ability to go off road with better equipment for the purpose of getting dirty.

In the inside, it is also different from other Nissan products. It has nicer looking dash, tougher materials, and a fantastic panoramic sunroof that can actually open. It also will carry your kids and snow/ski/skate boards in its ample cargo room in safety.


As I mentioned before, this is a very well priced SUV that can also get its hands dirty. It is one of the CUVs with the most attitude, and by far one of the coolest cars Nissan currently sells. Price? $285,000 pesos- $24,522 and as with any mexican used car, low mileage of 25,000km-15,534 m.