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I don’t really need a buffer image here, because this post isn’t really about Mexican politics per se, but about having a conversation about politics.


I was at a kids pool party last weekend that my daughter was invited to for one of her class mates. Well, it was hosted by a family that emigrated from Mexico, and I found myself having a chat with one of the aunts (I think) and her sister that turned somehow to the recent Mexican election. The older lady was very conservative, and didn’t have much sympathy for illegals in the US, while her sister was much more socially liberal. So, they kind of eye-rolled at each other during the conversation. But anyway, I found myself drawn into the conversation about the new president and what it will mean for Mexico, immigration, US relations, etc., and to my surprise, I found that I was actually talking with them in a way that didn’t make me feel like a complete idiot. And I thought, “huh, guess I was paying more attention to TAE’s posts than I thought.”

So, I learnt me sumthin’ non-car related on Oppo that came in kinda handy. Go figure.

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