This is basically perfect

BritishLeyland’s post got me looking at MG Midgets on Craigslist and this one showed up. ‘79 with aftermarket upgrades (tasteful ones) and it’s the right color too. What engine do I swap in to boost reliability?

Alright, now for the confession. I used to drive an MG Midget. Never have posted about it here, but it was my daily for about 2 years before University. It was my first car. It now lives in Las Vegas where it’s driven on weekends and given routine maintenance. The collector who bought it was very happy to be able to drive it, and apparently it made it all the way to Vegas trouble-free after the sale.

I know the car is happy in its new home, but I miss the driving experience. It was the smallest car ever and it was amazingly extroverted as cars go. The 1.1-liter 4-cylinder made all kinds of cool noises, and the shifting action of the 4-speed manual gearbox was far more involved and realistic than that of any modern car.

The problem was, for University the car just didn’t seem like a good fit. The 50-mph top speed just wasn’t sufficient.


This is the car:

I must get another one. They’re simple enough to wrench on and the later ‘70s model years are extremely cheap, also more reliable. Maybe I could swap in a Miata drivetrain?