After having a miata for a few months, there are a couple things that stand out to me, the first being the chassis. Holy crap the NA Miata is a floppy dong. Every morning as I back out of my driveway as I put one wheel at a time down the curb I hear and feel the car flex as it whines at me for torquing it slightly. A flyin miata brace is high on the list of things I need to fix this, because its seriously ridiculous. The car feels like a sheet of cardboard on a bumpy road.

The other thing is the transmission. I’m convinced the people singing the praises of this trans have never driven another rwd car because even my friends beat to hell 1989 v6 camaro had a more pleasent manual trans. The left to right positions just aren’t very well defined and it is very easy to hit 5th when going into 3rd or clip 1st when going into 3rd. I might just have worn out bushings, but still. Room for improvement.