Everything I’m trying to get done within the next year. From zero, to 300+ whp hero. Inspired by CarsofFortLangley

Someday I’ll throw a GM 6 cylinder in a Miata. Someday...

Over the last two years I’ve built the foundation up and now it’s time to finally get some more power. Stock, I’ve got about 100 hp at the wheels. The engine and transmission can handle about 300hp while still surviving indefinitely. Bump the torque figure up to 250 and you can expect to get a season of racing out of the engine. Bump it up to 330 and the transmission will blow once a season. A light engine build ($1000 thrown at the head) will allow you to have 350hp without fear of blowing up your engine. My goal is 275hp and about the same in twist. Building the engine would be nice too but we’ll see if that’s in the budget. I wouldn’t mind a slightly higher redline ... With the Borg-warner efr turbo I’ve got, that 275 figure should be a piece of cake, with relatively low boost needed and an incredibly quick spool up. The kit is quite literally the best on the market for Miatas, with many examples pushing 350hp and doing full days at Laguna Seca in 100°+ temps with absolutely zero fiddling or cool down required. That’s insane, and well above where every other Miata turbo kit is at the moment. All other mods I’ve done have been with high-hp goals in mind and can easily handle the extra power. Here’s the breakdown of new parts I’m hoping to get on this year. Only including the go-fast parts and relavent pieces. I still have to finish my stereo, maybe find new seats, hardtop, etc....

NA/ND drift car

($) - less than $200

($$) - between $201 and $500

($$$) - between $501 and $1000

($$$$) - between $1001 and $3000

($$$$$) over $3000

Cost of parts only

(*) I can do the installation no problem

(**) I can most likely do the installation, with enough swearing and online help

(***) I probably shouldn’t attempt this


Gorgeous... But I’m firmly in camp LFX after seeing Ryan Passeys build (1st picture)



1. Sway bars and endlinks ($$) (*)

2. Replace ALL bushings. I don’t want to go full-racer, so I’m unsure of what material to use for these ($) (***-)


3. Fender roll/tuck/pull for maximum suspension travel ($$) (***)

4. Good maximum grip alignment on 200tw summers ($) (****)

(Longshot goals)

billet coaxial top hats for my coilovers ($$) (**)

drop spindles ($$$) (***)

Control arms with all spherical bearings ($$$$) (****)


1. Brakes are solid, other than the weak parking brake (a byproduct of the big brake kit, apparently)


(Longshot goals)

Set up a secondary hydraulic line with separate calipers for drifting ($$$) (****)

Go fast/don’t explode parts 

1. Turbo kit. The turbo, manifold, exhaust studs, downpipe, oil and water lines ($$$$$) (**)


2. Full 3" custom exhaust ($$) (*)

3. 1000cc injectors ($$) (**)

4. Megasquirt ECU ($$$) (*)

5. Beefy radiator ($$) (*)

6. Coolant reroute kit ($$) (**)

7. Hood vents ($) (*)

8. Wideband ($$) (*)

9. Proper underhood ducting ($) (*)

10. Oil cooler (literally no idea on cost. Have not researched this at all)

11. Clutch ($$$) (***)