Miata dream . . . weird

This morning I awoke from a dream where I had a Miata. It seemed to be a really nicely modded NA with very special taillights that I’m not sure exist in reality.

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It was a complicated dream in that I was trying to sell the car to a garage (presumably that specialized in Miatas) but didn’t have the time for them to inspect it carefully, and I also didn’t have an aftermarket sway bar that apparently I was throwing into the deal. So I drove off with the top down, then encountered rain (in real life it had begun raining outside) and tried to put the top up while driving slowly. But that was difficult one-handed, and then I felt claustrophobic with it over me . . . and then I woke up to loud rainfall against the house.

I’m pretty sure that I don’t want an old Miata, especially since I was trying to sell it in the dream, but apparently it is on my mind. Weird.

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