The Miata! There are four* of them! Here’s how I think they look, best to worst:

*facelifts not shown

1. NC pre-facelift

The NC pre-facelift is the best homage to the original while also looking like a fairly up-to-date modern sports car. The coke-bottle styling of the NB is dialed back more in line with the bar-of-soap of the NA, and since the car now rides on its own chassis the overall dimensions look modern but undeniably classic.


2. NA

The original. Pop up headlights! Derpy smile! I think the daisy wheels are getting dated in a poor way, but the car itself has a vintage shape to it, though it is definitely an old-looking car by this point.

3. NB facelift

I still think it looks kind of like a viper. The facelift adds better wheel selection and a ‘sharper’ bumper, with a couple of creases by the headlights, foglights, and a slightly more upturned smile with a flat top. The soap bar gives way to an elegant coke bottle that destroys any “vintage” look of the car in favor of a very feminine curvaceous body.


4. NB pre-facelift

Same as above, but with less creases and lamer wheels

5. NC facelift

Same as the NC but with the tame grin replaced with a ridiculous manic smile. Ugh.


6. ND

Far too ‘bro’ for my tastes with the ludicrously angry eyes and EVEN MOAR MANIC SMILE. The part that bothers me the most is that rear quarter panel. Why is it sloped so much? It looks like the severely-rolled fenders on a stanced Civic!