Miata gone sprung a leak

But at least I have some nice photos from a recent drive home when I pulled over to let a slow person get ahead enough to not be in my damn way on one of my favorite canyon roads.


I recently installed a nice upgraded radiator but of course I am not done with cooling system problems. I now have a hose at the rear of the engine that has sprung a leak in dramatic fashion. I believe it has been a slow leak for a couple of days since I couldn’t trace it but it smelled slightly like hot water (not running any coolant in there, but the water wetter has a scent at least and residual coolant still smells anyways). Now it’s definitely obviously leaking as I parked at home after dinner and the loud hissing followed by puddle of water easily traced back to a hose. Upon a quick Google-fu ths turned out to be one of the smaller hoses running about amongst the oil cooler and the front/rear of the engine. These don’t look fun to replace but such is life on a car with 250,000 miles. The new higher pressure rad and cap probably caused this hose to fail so I’ll for sure replace any of the old hoses that I haven’t yet replaced. Time to drain and fill my cooling system for the fourth time this year, hooray!

Anyways more pictures.

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