Thanks to alignment problems, I have killed my DZ102 tires and am now in need of an alignment and new tires. My goal was to find some decent 200TW tires that would be good for autocross, canyon driving, and maybe track days. Although I might still pick up some Hoosiers or another set of Maxxis RC1s for that. But anyways, I went to a local tire shop and they were able to match the price on the Dunlop Direzza ZII Star Specs that I wanted and got me a sweet deal on an alignment for $50. So the tires should be arriving on Monday and then that will get installed during the week at some point. Hopefully my alignment is just out of spec and not something else is afoot. Because then this will be a simple problem solved for a while. It came out to a total cost out the door of $727.50. It is basically around the same price as if I had bought the tires and had them shipped and then went there and paid fill price for the alignment. Maybe like $30 more this way, but it’s far simpler and the guy was honest about that anyways so I’m happy to give a local shop my business.

Looking forward to trying out the new tires!