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hello good morning jalops how was your weekend? Mine was great. While browsing the internet this morning I thought to myself: Raphmoe, having a theme day on Jalopnik Oppositelock would be fun and cool and since i like alliteration i figured why not make it Miata Monday? #miatamonday So, without freddy adu, here are the Raphmoe, top 10 reasons to buy a Miata:

  1. They are affordable. (You can buy them for less than $3,000)
  2. They are easy to work on. (Parts are readily available, and many knowledgeable Jalops to help)
  3. They look great with both Hard & Soft tops. (Bird man fly in any weather)
  4. They are RWD (Proper)
  5. They are simple to modify. (V8 swap? Check. Super charger? Check.)
  6. They will get you laid and have sex*.
  7. They are the best car to Autocross. (Source: science)
  8. There are three, soon to be four generations of them, which makes finding the right one really easy. (Source: craigslist, ebay and wikipedia)
  9. Our Beloved Travis Okulski drives one. (Source: )
  10. They are near and dear to my heart since one of my first pieces here on oppoistelock was a Jalopnik buyer's guide for the Miata:

So there you have it friends, my top 10 reasons to buy a Miata. Let's keep #miatamonday going today with more posts and insights about the most beloved car of all time. I hope you enjoyed my list.

*results may vary based on speed, lubrication, air density, and chlamydia.


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