These are the remains of a 1996 Miata M-Edition, the very same model of car owned by Jalopnik Travis Okulski. As you can see this particular MX-5 has the typical chrome style bar that many Miata owners install, to better capture that old British roadster look, and the coveted hardtop that’s desired by track day bros and Spec Miata pros. Neither of those helped jack shit in the event of this rollover and won’t help you when you can’t keep the shiny side up.

Hardtop? Crushed, sheared off around the “b-pillar” near the rear of the roof. While these roofs are sometimes good enough to pass track inspection for amatuer track days, they certainly won’t save you in the event of a rollover. They’re not made out of metal so they will snap and break. Look at the windshield frame, it folded down into the cockpit, if the occupants were seated too close then it’d smack down right on top of their heads.

Style bar? How about MOUSE TRAP. It held up fine, but the bolts holding it, the seat belt retainers and the cockpit brace came right out of its hole. If the hardtop or windshield didn’t kill the occupants, then this would finish the job.


Remember: if you’re going to buy a bar, then buy a proper roll bar that ties into the frame and also put proper padding on it so you don’t get a nasty concussion from being rear-ended.


Don’t lead yourself or others into a false sense of security just because your 150$ chrome bar looks the part or your 1k$ hardtop makes you Miata look like a rigid coupe.

That concludes this derp’s rant/warning. Stay safe out there, fellow convertible owners.