Miata QOTD: How far have you gone on one tank of gas?

I have recently found myself making a trip of about 375 miles in a single tank. I was impressed. Especially since this trip used to take me well over one tank.

Since my last time making the trip I have made some modifications and done some maintenance. I have lightened the car about 75lbs, some of that being from a lightweight flywheel (8lbs compared to stock’s 19lbs). I have also removed the a/c system (40lbs) along with a few other things (air bag, radio, side latches, ignition coil, etc.). Maintenance wise: I have replaced the plugs, replaced the injectors and replaced the air filter. Oh and now with the koyo radiator, the engine temps seem to remain lower which I’m sure help.


I’ve gone from 20 something mpgs to 30 something mpgs. I am pretty damned impressed. So I was wondering: what about you Oppo? How far have you gone on a tank with your miata? My car was rated 26mpg highway, which was about what she was doing before. Now I estimate like 36mpg highway.

I really hadn’t notice too much of an improvement around town because I rev her up a bit and drive around spiritedly, but this being the first long trip in a while, I have noticed this vast improvement!

A couple spotted cars for you:

308 gtb
some modern 911

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