Miata Roll Bar Project (Part 3)

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While in my last post about this, the roll bar install basically looked done, it was not quite there. I only had 4 out of 14 total bolts actually holding it in. Today I spent another three hours finishing up the job, finally getting it 100% done. The biggest difficulty to start out was a set of bottom bolts which I needed to put in BEFORE putting in the roll bar, which I did not do. I shortly panicked thinking I would have to start over. But thankfully I was able to simply switch the direction of the nut/bolt with some mild drilling to make space and hammering the nut in place to line up with the hole. The next conundrum was that I couldnt fit the drill into either the bottom or top of the car in order to widen the holes for the top mounts. This was solved with creative use of different drill bits and much patience. I had to use a drill bit file in order to expand the holes and eventually the bolts fit through. Once I had those two issues figured out, it was pretty smooth sailing to impact wrench everything together tightly. But had it gone as planned, it probably would have taken under an hour to complete the job. I still have my interior apart but that is much lower priority.

Tomorrow I plan on changing oil and coolant because I am taking the car on a long drive over the weekend. I am pretty set on bringing the Miata on my adventure to Sequoia National Park. So I just want to make sure the fluids are set before the longish drive. That was probably a higher priority than the roll bar but I really hate leaving projects unfinished. Plus I really do not anticipate issues just changing oil and coolant.


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