Miata shopping saga continues

Happy soon to be new year everybody! Tomorrow morning I will be looking at a Miata that is so far looking to be a really good candidate for my next car. It’s got 73k miles on it and appears to be in great shape cosmetically from the ad. I’m not particularly fond of silver, especially the lighter hue that this one is. But it’s a perfect option otherwise. Another LS trim which includes the LSD and 6spd and bigger brakes. This one also comes with ABS, the leather, and sport suspension. It’s always laughable how the stock monster truck suspension looks but that is an easy bolt on change for me!


Now the only true negative that I have right now is that it’s indeed from Nebraska rather than local here from California. It was shipped out here a few years ago and allegedly garaged in winters back in the Midwest. This makes plausible sense considering how low the mileage is but I will be quite scrupulous in my inspection of the lower areas of the car. If it’s indeed rust free as claimed, I definitely want to buy this car. The asking price is even realistic versus the NADA value so I’m feeling good about getting a proper deal here. The majority of listings I’ve been looking at have way more miles, paint in worse shape, stupid mods, and starting prices over $5k. So my hopes are high enough that I don’t mind the two hour drive tomorrow morning to check it out! Wish me luck.

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