Miata shopping with wrong wheel drive (ongoing)

Good morning Oppo, due to a “day of remembrance and mourning” for the former president Bush senior, I have off of work for the day. Anyways, I have spent my morning so far looking at some Miata classifieds. I don’t really want to buy another one right now but will jump on the “perfect” one for me. I don’t really know what that one is but I generally know what I want so it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out eventually. These things sold like hotcakes and people are always trying to get rid of them so I should eventually be successful!

First up is a listing I found on Miata.net for a yellow 2002 tastefully modified for track use. My number one use for my Miata is as a track car so I have no qualms with one already set up that way, albeit only if it is done well!



Current list price of $6700 is more than I want to spend but it’s not a terrible starting price for the condition and the parts used. I’d say I’d be happy to pay like $5k maybe a little more. I’ve reached out and will see where that goes.

With that my list of “must haves” are:

- NO rust

- Must be manual

- Preferably NB2 (2001 to 2005)

- Will consider an NA but it would have to be a good deal for a mint one

- Runs well, less than 200k on it, some form of maintenance history

- I’d like it to come with a torsen already but can swap in mine if need be

- I’m trying to avoid a janky looking one. I’d be better off rebuilding mine otherwise...


I’m hoping I can find one locally in socal since every car tends to be both cheap and clean around here. Although the biggest problem I’m finding is a lot of the very clean NBs for sale seem to be automatics. I’ve seen quite a few janky ones as well so I’m expanding my search parameters to anywhere that doesn’t see salt in the winter. Here are some more links to one’s I am at least thinking about contacting.

Crack pipe price but I like the car:


Might be a nice NA but typical Craigslist bad photos and lack of info:


Nb1 makes me feel meh but I like the car:


I loved this one but it SOLD. Posting for fun:


I need to find more forums like trackjunkies, hoping there is something more local to California like that. Those listings are exactly what I am looking for and much better than wading through Craigslist bullshit. Next up is to start searching through autotempest and finding more forum based stuff as well. If anyone sees listings, send them my way!

My Miata is still in limbo, haven’t driven it in a couple of weeks now. Plan to pull the oil sample today and get it in the mail. Hoping to rent out a garage space at the hobby shop at work so that I can tear apart the car. I’m going to be busy for a while though with the holidays coming up, 2 weeks of travel for work, and then my 3 week ski trip. So I’m looking at mid February for the tear down to begin!


Edit to add links shared with me or found:

111k miles, that’s pretty legit

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