I am planning a cross country move and one of my options for transporting some stuff is to just build a tire trailer to tow behind my Miata. Of course the even easier option is to just sell my extra wheels/tires but I really like the set I have. So if I end up keeping them, the cost of shipping is about equivalent to buying a trailer. Since I planned on getting one eventually anyways, its kind of like its free versus wasted money on shipping.

So then I would just need a tow hitch:


And a trailer base to start with:

Those add up to about $500 and then I could probably spend another $100 on wood or aluminum to frame the trailer and a box for storage at the front. For the trip, I would just fill the box with all of my tools so that should equal enough tongue weight. This would free up my trunk space for camping supplies and my luggage rack for a suitcase.

The only other things to add would be proper wiring for the lights, registration for the trailer, and a spare 12inch tire or two. No idea how these would effect me for tolls or border crossing depending on my route. Plus backing up is probably hard and twisty roads wont be nearly as fun. But the cost savings and the fact that I will be driving in touring mode anyways rather than corner carving every chance I get make it sound like a good idea.

Anyone else have experience with these harbor freight trailers or tire/small trailers in general?