Finally I got around to putting my Miata on a lift today to do an oil change after my 4000 mile cross country drive. While in the air, I was doing my usual check of everything else and to my dismay I found my tires looking like this! I was on a drive up lift so I had to take it down and use a floor jack to get the tires off. But when I did and got this closer look, I discovered how bad it really was. The inner edge of all four tires is corded almost all the way around. And I’ve been driving HARD like this for a bit of time by the looks of it.. So clearly my alignment is borked and now I’m in need of tires and an alignment. At least all four are evenly fucked so I probably don’t have anything else wrong. Ideally I need the toe fixed and then all should be fine. There is a bit of uneven Camber wear too but that just means I did too much highway driving. This is the alignment settings I gave the shop about 30k miles ago:

Caster: 5.0 degrees
Camber: 1.0 degrees negative
Toe-in: 1/16", 0.15° or 9 arcminutes total (1/32", 0.075° or 4.5 minutes per side)

Camber: 1.5 degrees negative
Toe-in: 1/16", 0.15° or 9 arcminutes total (1/32", 0.075° or 4.5 minutes per side)

But considering the amount of pot holes I have hit, I wouldn’t be surprised if that has knocked it out a bit. It was tracking straight still, not pulling in any particular direction but that doesn’t mean all is well. Obviously as evident by the tires, I will not be driving the car until I order some tires and get the alignment fixed.

I can’t believe I was stupid enough to drive around like this for any amount of time though. I’ve got to watch tire wear more carefully. It’s dangerous doing the sort of high intensity Canyon driving with tires like that. But at least I had good fun with these and made it around 30k over 2 years on a summer tire. I only autocrossed these once but they saw plenty of abuse at the dragon (two years in a row), and all of the other driving and cross country adventure.