These guys are showing the proper enthusiasm
If I had an NA, this is clearly the superior waving method
Bad image from the googles but perfect form of the Subaru wave

Okay so I only have crappy images from the Internet but that should describe the idea of what I’m talking about. Owning both a Miata and a STi, these cars have a prolific culture of waving to the other owners when you drive past. Especially being in Southern California now, there are plenty of both driving around all of the time. This provides me plenty of opportunities to wave at others. In general I have found that Miata waves are RARELY returned from NC (third gen) Miatas but when they are, it’s as excited as the lead image. It’s about 50/50 if other NA/NB miatas will wave back. But for the Subaru, a solid 90%+ of the Wrx/STi crowd of any generation will wave back. Even driving down the freeway, I’ll often get a quick peace sign flash from a WRX driving by me in the STi. It’s just a fun little culture thing that I always enjoy.

Of course both waves PALE in comparison to the obsessive Jeep Wrangler and motorcyclist waves. Those are much more prevalent and I don’t think I’ve ever seen two bikes drive by each other without at least one signaling to the other. That culture seems cool since it spans all bikes of all sizes. Even the Harley gangs give a peace sign to the squids. Anyways, just wanted to say how I love this “random camaraderie” that happens throughout automotive culture. Even the occasional “rivalry wave” or just “I think your car is cool” thing is great.