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MiataRoadster Short Shifter

My Miata was in desperate need of a shifter rebuild so I took this opportunity to upgrade to the MiataRoadster short shifter. Supposed to transform the Miata shifter into something from the Gods. Well so far I definitely would agree! Before the shifter was quite floppy and would easily grind some gears depending on how smoothly I moved it around. The 6 speed transmission is notorious for being tricky to shift smooth. But now with the rebuilt hardware, it is just so accurate and feels rock solid.


Obviously as you can see, the old parts were trashed! The heat that this was letting through was quite annoying. After the refresh, the leather boot on top was cool to the touch after a drive down the street for some lunch. Will have to see how much of a difference it makes on longer drives too. Now its time to sign up for an autocross this weekend and enjoy that one shift per run that this was totally necessary for lol.

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