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Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ 1000 mile review. The hype is real

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Put just over 1000 miles on this new set. The reviews are legit. Whatever I said in my initial posts holds true and now I have had the chance to test it out in all conditions


This tire is excellent! grips like crazy in dry, cold wet conditions no problem. I replicated the same conditions on the same exact streets that my old shitty Hankook Ventus Noble S1s that only lasted 15,000 miles will slip incessantly and trigger the traction control. This one, no fuss no drama. 30F, wet roads, Floor it into a turn from a stop and it delivers no loss of traction. It hardly snows here here in the South but I have read it’s decent in light snow. Braking is excellent, road noise is about the same and it’s definitely much stiffer and harder when it hits potholes but I will take it in view of better handling.

Of course it is a new tire so let’s see how it does at 30,000 miles. Nevertheless, best set of tires I have ever owned and I highly recommend these for UHP All season needs.


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