This past fall I finally had the money to buy a set of winters for my 2012 Hyundai Elantra and boy have I been glad. BJ’s was running a pretty good deal where you got $80 off a set of Michelin tires as well as free installation so it only cost me about $75 per tire. I also got a set of steelies for cheap too. I like the look, my dad told me my car looks like a police special. On dry roads these drive better than my 3-season Linglongs (which are surprisingly good for chinese tires). I downsized from 215/45r17 to 195/65r15 so that probably has something to do with it. In fact, I may get rid of the OEM wheels (I think they’re ugly) and get 16 inch wheels from the regular GLS.

As many of you know the Northeast is getting murdered by a blizzard and I have off from work today so I did the logical thing, go out and drive for a bit. These transformed my car, as long as I don’t decide to do something stupid these tires just grip and grip in deep snow which is great. I saw Jeeps and Subarus sliding everywhere while my “little” Hyundai just drove like it was nothing. A month ago my friend’s GPS accidentally took me up a narrow snow covered hill while hiking in the catskills and the Hyundai still drove up without a problem.

I’m just astounded... Now whenever it snows I’m so tempted to go out and have some fun with my car. As long as I live where it snows I’m most likely going to have a set of winter tires regardless if I have a small car or a Subaru. Maybe if All-Weather tires become better I’ll just settle for those if I live somewhere it doesn’t get hot.


Seriously though, tires do make a real difference.