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Mick Jagger vs Bruce Springsteen: Who has the cooler car?

Its time to compare the automotive tastes of rock stars!

Mick Jagger has always been a fan of European sports cars. He once owned (and crashed) an Aston Martin DB6, and once owned a Ferrari 400i. But his most impressive car is the 288 GTO. I would have never expected Mick Jagger to be the owner of a limited-production Ferrari. Maybe you only needed to have one Ferrari to be eligible for an allocation of a limited production model back then (unlike today- you needed to have 5 Ferrari’s to be eligible for a LaFerrari allocation).


Bruce Springsteen’s choice of car you could probably have guessed. Its a Corvette. Specifically, a black convertible C2 Corvette, from 1964.

Being a 1964 model, it doesn’t feature a 427 or a 396, only a small-block 327 was available. But being a small block, there is the possibility of it having fuelie heads. Maybe its a stick shift with a Hurst shifter. Who knows.


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