Hey midnight crew!

If your stuck somewhere and need some company, have some podcast! We dropped from #1 to # 10 in podcast rankings on podomatic, so we need some downloads or plays! Please help out a fellow volvo wagon driving fool!

If you've listen to the newest episode

I can recommend you listen to our other episode that came out the same day! It hasn't seen a lot of downloads in comparison which leads me to think oppositelock hasn't heard it.


I have been told it is the funniest episode we have done so far!

If you guys could help still, we need downloads, plays or listens!


Give it a listen and please spread the word! If all goes well we can get James back to talk after the automotive shows; if you listen to the show, you'll be as excited for that as we are I know!

Plug over!

Thanks for reading and thanks for listening; merry Christmas!