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Midnight wrench post

Why do I keep posting these late? Cause I’m super busy that’s why!

This is what my engine looks like now. the painter’s tape is labels so I dont forget anything


Ye old buckete o’ fluid. clearly it could use changed. still red/pink but any amount was more of a brownish maroon.

Overall there wasn’t much debris in the fluid. It was a little sparkly, but I am pretty sure that is normal.


My radiator looks pretty O.K.. all the fittings came out nice, which is actually a big surprise. Interesting design note:


This entire monster is my A/C condenser. Does it really need to be that big? I am thinking about just leaving it in there to protect my rad from stones and such.

So the fluids are drained. tomorrow or wednesday I plan on pulling the engine out. still got a small number of transmission lines to disconnect, disconnect the fuel lines, and disconnect the power steering pump. then hopefully I can get that A/C bracket off, and use the bolt hole for the lift.


the dog was not amused.

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