Having finally begun to recover from the Nashville Oppo Meet, I’m ready to start considering my next trip with car people. As much as I’d love to join the Tail of the Dragon meet, it’s too far away. So I would like to propose another option: Arkansas.

Specifically, the Ozark National Forest featuring the Pig Trail Scenic Byway:

It’s no Angeles Crest or Deal’s Gap, but it’s a hell of a lot closer than either of those to Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, and North Texas.

A few of us went there last year and had a blast. It’s really a very pretty part of the country with a good variety of decent roads. We camped, and could very well do so again for this proposed meet. Some pictures from that last trip:



I would be targeting August or September for this, squeezing it in around autox events in Lincoln.

I suspect we would at least be joined by a chunk of the Wichitoppo crew: Bman76, Jake Does Dumb Stuff, Jay Lauer, Midengineer/Mrtwotastic. Chances are we’ll make this trip at some point anyways. But if there’s interest in making a meet out of it I’d be happy to organize things.


Alternatively, we could consider meeting up in Denver...