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Midwest Oppos - school me in Table Rock Lake

This story starts with the vacation we were *going* to take this summer - flying to Europe, spending a week in Italy, then taking a cruise from Venice into Greece. Clearly that ain’t happening.

As an alternative we decided to find a place that:

-We could drive to in one day

-Was cooler than Houston

-Has a lot of outdoor activities

-Preferably on the water, but not a beach (I hate sand)

We ended up selecting a house on Table Rock Lake in southern Missouri. We are a bit west of Dogwood Canyon Nature Park on the south side of the lake.


Already on our list to check out:

-Dogwood Canyon Nature Park

-Persimmon Hill Farms

-Roaring River State Park

-Rent a boat or jet skis, probably just do some tubing or similar

-Maybe a fishing charter

We are taking the kids bikes, and my wife and I are open to renting bikes as well.


Ideas on other social distance acceptable things to do?

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