We’ve been forecasted to get quite a few inches of snow this weekend for a few days now, so I made sure to be prepared: Emergency kits freshly stocked in the cars, snow/ice melting chemicals spread on the sidewalks and driveways of my house and those of the two houses near mine of elderly neighbors, snow shovels and outerwear at the ready.

The snow started as predicted: Rain transitioning to big fluffs, then a nice, steady snowfall that quickly started to accumulate on trees and metal objects. It was looking good, and I was ready to wait for some build up to shovel

Then it disappeared. It stopped coming down, and the accumulation melted. The lovely wintry scene turned to a dismal mess. Here in Saint Louis, apparently anything south of I-44 had the same event. So now I have a bunch of snow/ice melt scattered on my and my neighbors’ driveways that is essentially useless and won’t be used as there’s no snow predicted until next weekend, and if then.

Of course, this is the same place that had a 70-degree midday that turned into 8 inches of accumulation within just over 4 hours. Ah, the Midwest.