Lifted from the Youtube tag: The ONLY Mig-23 Flogger flying in the United States.... based out of New Castle, DE. It made an appearance at the DEANG 60th anniversary airshow held at the airport. The pilot was limited to passes at 900 feet or above due to FAA regulations, but just seeing and hearing one made it worthwhile. This clip shows the takeoff and shutting down.

(my notes) Airshow performances are conducted with waivers (permission slips) from the FAA to allow lower than legal flights over populated areas (spectator-packed sidelines) so when you see Sean Tucker do knife edge passes at twenty feet to cut a ribbon at a show, it’s a FAA waiver allowing that. It’s called the Low Altitude Endorsement, revokable at any time. This pilot in this airplane does not have that complete allowance and 900 is as low as the FAA will allow.