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Might be buying a new used car today

So the time has come. I'm getting rid of my 04 WRX wagon. I have nothing but love for that hunk of junk, but I can't afford another repair on it. The previous owners must have beat the crap out of it. I know a well maintained wrx will drive until the body becomes rust. I thought I was buying one of those, but turns out it must have been owned by Ken Block without sponsors. Over a year and a half it has seen more garage time than I want to admit. So the car shopping begin's and hopefully ends as soon as it started...I found a used 2010 VW GTI.

So I started looking last week or so. I found a WRX or two that I really liked. Given the choice I'd buy a newer rex hatch, but the price is just too high. I tried to justify every which way but it just can't happen. I'm kind of picky and there wasn't much else I could picture driving. That's not to say I don't like lots of cars. However for what I personally want and can afford, if it was a Venn diagram, the GTI would be in the middle. Sporty with a nice suspension and a third pedal.

This particular car comes with almost all the frills i think. I also do not care about this, but it will be quite nice. Sunroof, heated seats, big ole entertainment center thinger, bluetooth, etc. Again, I am not looking for frills. Hell my 04 rex was a base model, with lots of rattle's and broken plastic things in the interior. On the exterior the paint was coming off slowly but surely. However, the car drove, and drove fun. That's what I'm looking for, I could care less about the rest. Though you will not hear my complain haha.


Now if the dealer can come down a little bit more in price to meet my monthly payment goal, I will be signing paperwork today. If not, well time to really start searching.

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