Might have found my go-to PPI provider

Since I am still highly considering the “previously salvaged” title Miata that I looked at, I have decided that if I really want the car then I need to have a thorough PPI performed. This service is a little expensive coming in at $235 versus around $100 for most typical shops. But what they actually provide seems worth the extra $135 for sure. Unfortunately they dont cover where this car is located without an extra fee ($80) but for this case I think I just want to do it. I have booked an appointment so we shall see. The way I look at is that I am paying a $200 premium for this service. Is it worth $200 to feel entirely confident about my purchase? Considering this is a $4400 purchase, it feels kind of silly to spend that much on an inspection but really if something bad turns up I will be glad I did. And even if nothing bad turns up, I will feel much safer driving it to and from work and taking it out on the track knowing that a real thorough inspection was done on the car. Looking at their sample report, I am sure I will be satisfied enough to feel like it was money well spent.



There are like 4 pages of detailed stuff like this along with thorough comments at the end and dozens of detailed pictures. I was concerned about how exactly they get a good look under the car being a mobile service but the pictures show the use of ramps and some excellent photos. But just the initial list of stuff on the front page makes me feel pretty good about this and that I would get a real clear picture of what I could be buying.

Here was that list in an actually readable format:

  • An ASE Certified Master Mechanic (all 8 certifications) with a minimum of 5 years trade experience
  • A Body and Frame expert with certificate and a minimum of 5 years trade experience
  • Flood and Fire expertise with course study certificate or trade experience equivalent 
  • All vehicles are test driven and raised to thoroughly inspect the undercarriage
  • Same day inspections in most cases and same day reports always!
  • Sonar equipment used on every body panel to detect body filler and repaint
  • Multi point odometer fraud detection check
  • Chemical smoker residue test which is exclusive to Auto Doc’s Inspections
  • Air Conditioning Freon electronic halogen leak detection
  • Cooling system pressurization leak detection
  • Oil fluorescent dye with UV light inspection for oil leak source determination
  • Volt/Amp meters with battery load test and charging system output test capabilities
  • Computer system Scan Tools
  • A four page condition report consisting of complete Mechanical, Body and Frame, Exterior, Interior, Vehicle Equipment, Wheel and Tire checks including a full set of photos.
  • And our exclusive Friend for Life program. Any vehicle purchased that was inspected for you by us, automatically makes you a Friend for Life. If you ever have a question related to that vehicle, just call us and one of our technicians will help you through any situation. Just imagine, your mechanic is telling you that you need a $900.00 repair. Do you really need it? Is that a reasonable price? Call us and we’ll help you through it. It’s like having a mechanic in the family!

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