As some of you may have have read last night or have really good memories, Ive been thinking about picking up a Toyota Celica GT-S to relieve my AW11 MR2 from DD duties as its would be a bit more robust and up to the job of tackling the awful Philly streets day in and day out while still being a relatively fun car. It also just so happens that I found what could possibly the best GT-S that Im going to find, with a good price and is located very near to home for me. The car in question can be seen here. Its a 2001 model with 107k on the clock, looks to have been relatively well cared for and riced to a minimum, plus it comes with two sets of wheels and tires, snows and summers, and is listed for a mere $4900. I think Im going to have my dad go check it out and if its as promising as it looks and can work the price down closer to an even $4k I think I might have myself a new car.