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Might Have Lost a Potential Customer...

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...but I definitely increased my Jalop score. Here is how it went down. A friend of mine contacts me and says- "You know my Charger R/T... I got tired of it, so I sold it to my girlfriend who needed a car. The other week she spins out and gets stuck snow. She really likes the car but wants an SUV now because the RWD got her stuck. Can you get her a good deal on a Durango?"


I responded with- "Sure I can get her a good deal on a Durango but the RWD was only part of the problem why she got stuck...the 20" wheels and summer tires where mostly to blame. If she really likes the car accept for this one particular instance she should just get another set of 17" or 18' inch wheels and dedicated winter rubber. She should be fine."

An hour goes by "Dude, I talked to my girlfriend she loves that idea. Thanks, sorry for the runaround."


And this is why I'm a consultant and not a sales person. Not that all salespeople are bad but I highly doubt if she rolled into a Dodge dealer wanting to trade her excellent condition, loaded, Charger R/T for a new Durango they would talk her out of it.

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