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Might need a GoFundMe for this one

Well no, not really, I don’t feel like we need it, but it feels like it from the conversations I’m hearing with my parents.


See, for some freak circumstance, our rent payments weren’t getting through for four months, so unless we paid now we’re about to be evicted from the house. Tough news to hear, to be sure, but nothing we can’t handle. Still it is a major problem, as the one house that we bought in the province is itself being rented out, and it is quite tricky to find a new place to stay in that’s cheaper while still being more or less the same size.

This made me think of my college transfer, and I decided to lighten their load by heading to my second option, a state university. Going to a Top 4 university will be far too much for them to take. Either way, this is one hell of a setback.

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