Might pick up a stray...

It’s not my first choice for a project bike, but a clean title and a price of 200 bucks says otherwise. So I’ll be checking out this old Yamaha XS1100 on Saturday. Its been sitting for a long while and will need some lovin to get her runnin, but its all there.

I figure if the motor isn’t seized the worst case is I’ll just get it running enjoy it for a bit then sell it. However, a lot of neat ideas are starting to pop into my head.


I really dig cafe racers and vintage bikes with modern USD sportbike forks and I’ve heard that one of the weak points of this porker of a bike were the spindly forks. After some quick googling it looks like Hayabusa forks are prime candidates.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. “IF” I get it, step one will be getting it cleaned up and running. Ultimately I’d like to build it into a cool cafe/brat-style urban cruiser #buzzwords that won’t fall on its face in the twisties.

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