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Mighty car mods saved my wallet (and my sanity)

So i was putting the valves back in the jaguar’s head when one of the valve retainers was like “LOLBYE” and flew to Antarctica.

so naturally after spending an absurd amount of time looking for it I went on the internet to buy another one. Cost effective it would not be, considering i had 24 of them sitting in the engine of the parts car. But I REALLY didn’t want to pull another head. That’s when I remembered the MCM episode where they used compressed air to hold the valves up so they could change valve springs on the barra six cylinder.

organic motor oil

So after spending 10 minutes trying to fit the blow gun into the air hose only to find out a mud dauber had made a nest inside the fitting I was finally able to put my youtube knowledge to work, and it did work, beautifully.

happy little head with all the valves nice and retained

*naturally this whole process took two days because the british somehow still had that WWII stubbornness in the 80s*

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