Can't keep the Mercury down at my house.

2ish feet of snow? Fuck that, I'm going to work. My FWD Milan didn't miss a beat on the way to work today. This after pushing my neighbor's Chrysler 200 out of the driveway (exhaust sounded surprisingly good as she was over revving the shit out of it trying to get it moving, seriously I could only offer so much advice). We eventually got it out, she was a pretty terrible driver though. I told the husband to get it better tires and to ask for help if they get stuck again (I'm relatively new to the neighborhood). I couldn't turn my back and go about my snow removal without helping though.

So after an hour of snow blowing and neighbor helping in the dark and cold I went in and got ready for work and then off I went. There were probably high points of 10 inches of snow at some points. Got to daycare to drop off...MontegoBoy...(I just made that up right now) and the lots not plowed, they had us parking over at the tire place next door and hiking through the snow. Nothing like carrying a toddler and high stepping 2 feet of snow, fyi- they squirm lol. Got back to car and carried on like normal, no issues at all in the deep stuff I had to cut through a few times.


Thanks for the advice on the tires I bought this past fall OPPO, I'm sure they are the only reason I kept moving today.

Here's a picture of my Milan (not in the snow lol), my boring silver DD that surprises me at every turn.

And here's a pic of it's General AltiMAX RT43's:

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