MightyCarMods in Adelaide

Marty and Moog ran an MCM meet & track day down at Mallala Motor Sport Park, and it was obviously totally fucking awesome. I’d estimate between 500-1000 cars showed up.

I had by far the shabbiest MX-5 at the event (#771), but as they say, builds don’t happen overnight.

The atmosphere was awesome and there was loads of good banter with everybody checking out each other’s rides.

The lineup to get in wasn’t too bad - plenty of Subarus in attendance. Shout out to the Cefiro that blew up 10 kms out from the track - hope you made it in the end!
Mod Max made an appearance along with the Mini & Cresta.
The build is awesome, and the former 200SX took to the skidpan for burnouts at lunch time.
In any build, detail is everything.
Two things struck me about the Mini - One was how tight a fit the B16 engine really is. The other was how it presents - it very much comes across as a proper project car, rather then a primped and polished show queen. I can’t wait to see the next stage for this car.
My MX-5 (white), along with a mate’s in red with a 12:1 compression motor, which rips hard.
I need a paint job like the the West needs wage growth. Neither is going to happen any time soon.
I was clearly far too focused on winning to consider smiling. Can confirm I very much enjoyed it.
A super clean AW11 MR2. I need to own one of these one day.
Another MR2, also supercharged. Beautifully presented.
Easily my favourite car, styling wise.
Excellent period wheel choice on the Toyota, complete with JAF badge on the front grill.
A super clean NA MX-5 Clubman. I bought some steering rack bushes off this guy a few days ago.
Race tyres and a GV lip are absolute essentials.
I haven’t seen a black/bronze wheel before, but I like it.
I’m a sucker for yellow headlamps.
I need the Mazda front bumper sticker on my own ride.
Say what you want about AVID wheels, but phone dials rock. Hard.
It’s hard to be short of friends when you drive an MX-5.
Who doesn’t love vertical headers?

The guys put on a great show, and it was awesome to see so many people hanging out and talking about cars.

I can’t wait for the next one.

Thanks to Andrew for supplying some of the photos in this post.

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