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Mike Rowe's Katsak video still cracks me up

I’m a big fan of Mike Rowe, especially after hearing him testify before a Senate committee on America’s arrogance towards ‘blue collar’ technical skills (i.e. welders, electricians, plumbers, etc.).


But before Dirty Jobs and hocking Fusions for Ford, Mike Rowe spent some time on QVC. His most renowned spot, showcased in the video above, was for a cat toy that was a bag that made crunching sounds.

Seeing him in pure comedic free form here is, I believe, a testament to his on-air ability and comedic wit. I genuinely like the guy and think that Ford should consider doing a more unscripted shoot of him and their products.


Let Rowe go back to doing what he does best, impromptu hilarity. Bring back the orange puppet, Doug, and let him and Rowe host a Ford version of QVC. I’ll bet between the two of them it would be pretty damn funny.

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