Milan RallyX Recap


I’m every bit as crazy as you all knew me to be by taking the Milan out in the pouring rain to race in the mud and muck. There was no lightning so the event went forward as planned.

They adjusted the run groups and had RWD go first on Saturday, I suspect they were worried that they wouldn’t be able to move AT ALL if anyone else tore up the course any more than it was.


So once I got out there RWD had already made a mess of things. I spent the majority of the time at full lock sliding back and forth on my ill-advised all season tires. Basically the only way to get any traction was to gun it as hard as I could and let the tires dig until they found something to grab. Lots of turning the wheel and lots of foot to the floor! Brakes were basically a “slide” button because they were pretty much useless.

Unfortunately the car was SCREAMING when I started it up to go out for the afternoon runs so I did not run it. Which sucks because the sun came out, dried things up and the course was graded by the farm’s owner on a tractor so the runs went from about 1:04's in the morning down to mid 30's in the afternoon (they changed the course too, as usual). So everyone had full normal runs in the afternoon.

I could tell it was something brake related as it was screaming/squealing at me. anytime the car moved. I decided to pack it in and head home to try and get it fixed, figured it was a dust shield rubbing or something. About half way home I hear a CLINK and the scream went a way. A pebble/small rock finally kicked out of my brakes and it was all better. Sucks I missed the afternoon runs over a non-real issue but I needed the car yesterday and today. Also, I don’t know that they would have even LET me run with how loud the squeak was.

Now for a photo dump (what you all wanted to see anyhow)




A guy in his 70's approached me at the self wash yesterday and said - “How did this even happen?!?!?!” I told him I took it in a rally race and he said “Oh, that makes sense. It had to be something like that”. He recommended mud flaps.

FINAL NOTE: If someone could buy the Montego already so I can go buy a Rally specific car, that would be great. Thanks.

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