Some light politics after the jump, indirectly relating to Hurricane Irma and parenting. So... here’s a totally unrelated buffer image of one of the most amazing forum build threads of all time, in my humble opinion. A guy built up a US-spec E46 M3 into a full-on CSL, to excruciating detail. It’s worth a look on its own, actually.

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From BBC News this morning, regarding Hurricane Irma’s potential impact on Florida:

US President Donald Trump said he and his aides were monitoring Irma’s progress. “But it looks like it could be something that will be not good,” he told reporters at the White House. “Believe me, not good.”

I don’t care what your political leanings are, this statement is simply appalling coming from a person in a public office of ANY sort. “Believe me, not good.” What does he think? That people are NOT concerned, or don’t understand the gravity of a Category 5 hurricane making landfall? And that he has to add, hey, believe ME, it’s NOT good, I know. Or, is that all he can come up with, on the spot, to preface the potential for massive loss of life and property, on the heels of a recent catastrophe in a nearby area, all affecting millions of “his” citizens plus many more in the Caribbean?

Here’s a quick one from me, off the top of my head - I’ll just start typing: “I am gravely concerned for the welfare of those in the path of this incredibly powerful storm. On the heels of the devastation seen in the wake of Harvey last week, it’s disheartening to see another potentially catastrophic storm coming our way. But I am confident that we, as Americans, can pull together and work together to help each other prepare and recover...” There you go, that’s a start, right? But I’m 36, college-educated, and an avid reader; I’m also not standing in front of cameras and microphones right now, to be fair.


My son, who turned FIVE last week, also has a better vocabulary - and a better natural concern for fellow humans - for describing a pending natural disaster. This morning he said, and this is a direct quote, “Daddy, that looks like a problem. Are people going to get hurt? I hope they’re OK. What are they going to do? Is that the same people who just got flooded?” And so on, as we discussed what happens in a storm like this: evacuations, shelters, and unfortunately, destruction, injuries and death. My son had a genuine, automatic concern for the well-being of the people in the path of the hurricane, remembered the other recent storm, and expressed it all clearly and without hesitation. He is BARELY FIVE. He also asked what the birdies are going to do in 185 mph winds. I don’t know, but it will be, not good, I think, for the birdies.

I am hopeful for the day when I can look back on some of these ludicrous quotes and laugh, because I’m not there yet. I’d like to make game, called something like 45 or 4-5? Wherein you have to guess whether a statement was made by the 45th President or a 4-to-5 year old. I thought about 4th- or 5th-graders, but that wouldn’t be fair; most 4th graders are far more articulate. They at least understand the importance of speaking in complete sentences, and likely have concern for others.


Okay, I’ve gone a little astray from my point about how I feel a political leader should address the country in the face of multiple natural disasters, but I find it hard not to. But I can feel my blood pressure rising, so I’ll quit now. Maybe it’s the two cups of coffee I had this morning; I should really go eat lunch.

To close out my mini-rant here, let’s focus on what’s important in the short term: anyone in the path of this hurricane, or the last one, or the next one just on the horizon (!), my thoughts are with you. This is a trying time for our country, and for the world. Be well, and take care.


Have some more CSL goodness as a palette cleanser, why don’t you?

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