Don’t mean to turn Oppo into the GD classifieds, but if you or someone you know is interested in an ‘09 135is, give me a shout. 88k miles, 6-speed, M-Sport package (mostly brakes and emblem doodads), fresh brake pads, coil packs, and spark plugs within the last 10k miles. Car is in Dallas.

Upfront and only cons: Hood is slightly misaligned in these pictures as I just got the windshield replaced and haven’t yet readjusted the hood, front bumper has some rash due to a lot of highway miles, and passenger rear bumper has a bit of a scrape from a parking garage incident as detailed below. Interior could also use a detail, which I’ll be giving it shortly along with a polish and wax, will also replace the flaking steering wheel cover ($30 or so).