“I feel that life is measured in achievement, not in years alone.”
“I feel that life is measured in achievement, not in years alone.”
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The Corvette has long been a poster car for me. Growing up I had them on my walls alongside posters of the McLaren F1 and the poster showing every generation of the F Series. A bucket list car of mine is a C4, convertible, red seats, tan dash, bright red, with an 80s tastic digital dash. The Corvette is my favourite American car. Not long after the C6 ZR1 came out my parents were shopping for yet another car. I lusted after the electric blue one in the showroom. I still remember the surprise on the salesman’s face when he said “really? I’ve never seen a teenager so excited over a Corvette before!”


So how do I feel about the C8? Weird. I think it looks good, the price is stupidly cheap, and this thing is probably about to beat the world into submission.

But I can’t escape the feeling that this isn’t a “Corvette” and it’s the design doing that to me. (ETA: I’m not saying it’s not a Corvette, but that at least as far as design goes, it doesn’t “feel” like one?) When is Chevy going to escape their ‘Transformers’ design language? But what else would it be? A new GTO? A Corvair? Fiero? Eh, not sure. Either way, I love the new ‘Vette and can’t wait to see it slay the world. :D

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