I mean that parking garage level is empty... Also I love that car. I’ve driven one, its great, I love em. Bonus mint Volvo 240

Smashing the gas from a slow creep is like getting a stiff push on a swing set by a sumo wrestler, or your favs linebacker. “Well I don’t see what the big deal i-FUUUU...” Just as content to sit in the backseat and be driven.


Bonus Mint Volvo 240. The paint, bumpers and trim are absolutely pristine.


Yet it has NY plates. Recent registration? I enjoy counting the number of 240’s I see in a day in my historically lib’ral college town, of all various quality. During the 90’s/ early 00’s it could be up to a dozen and I’ve probably driven as many though highschool and college. Just last summer I done saw both Bertone styled 262c and 780’s! Ithaca has more advanced degree holders than any other city in America so in that silly stereotypical way it kinda makes sense.

I have another theory. There are also many hills with jagged shale gorges between them so before Subaru’s took over, people were content to at least survive flying off cliffs in adverse weather.


Seeing one so fresh is indeed a treat and encourages lots of questions. It is owned by a Ithaca college student from the stickers; is he/she an enthusiast who kept it awesome? Did they have an awesome parent who let their (other) baby go or maybe a cool neighbor?

Happy to document the rather unique car lovers in this relatively car resentful pocket of America.